National Construction Code - Intensive (Webinar 7/6/22)


Challenging though it may be, the National Construction Code is an essential area of knowledge for all kinds of consultants. While building certifiers/surveyors are Code specialists, court judgments confirm that other consultants also need to know the parts of the Code relevant to their discipline.  Over three hours, our intensive webinar covers:

  • architect, Tony Kemeny (Director, Gran Associates) and building certifier, Andrew Naylor (Director & Principal Building Surveyor, BCA Certifiers) on some key Code provisions that commonly demand attention or cause confusion, and also looking at collaboration between consultants;
  • Graham Moss (Principal Building Surveyor, Australian Building Codes Board) on the new requirements for documentation supporting performance solutions, and ABCB resources for practitioners;
  • Wendy Poulton (Manager Risk Services, informed by Planned Cover) on how courts interpret the Code based on examples of legal disputes involving the Code or Australian Standards.

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