Product Specification Post Lacrosse (Webinar 20/7/21)


(60 minutes) Navigating the post Lacrosse environment is a challenge for consultants as the industry responds to the evident risks of product failures. Assessing suitability of any product often calls for input from many consultants, as well as testing and advice from manufacturers and suppliers.

 Wendy Poulton, Manager Risk Services at informed by Planned Cover, provides a snapshot of where the Lacrosse judgment and appeals left us, and looks at the insurance issues in the technical compliance certificates which consultants are increasingly being asked to provide, before being joined by Aaron Poupard, Senior Associate at ARM Architecture. Aaron discusses his recent interstate experience in the current design and construct world including:

 managing product substitutions;

  • solid aluminium and aluminium core products;
  • emerging façade products;
  • the evidence he considers pertinent for confirming that a product complies with the NCC;
  • whether the approach of certifiers has changed; and
  • collaboration between consultants post novation. 

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