Seven Things All Consultants Should Know About Contracts (Webinar 29/11/18)


Fluency with contracts and their associated legal concepts is essential business knowledge for 21st century consultants. It calls for a different skill set from the technical work consultants train for, and yet it may not be covered in degree courses at all.

The challenge of managing and negotiating contracts can be reduced by familiarity with some key concepts, backed up by good systems and resources. Risk Managers Wendy Poulton and Natalie Sullivan draw on their experience reviewing consultancy agreements to share tips for easier contract management, and recap some fundamental knowledge for any business. This webinar provides  a good grounding in contract fundamentals, and hopefully even some useful take-aways for the very experienced negotiator.

What should you include in a checklist for reviewing client contracts? Do you know how to quickly check if AS4122-2010 has been amended? How can you respond to the client who says you’re the only consultant who won’t sign their terms?

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