Inspections and Certification - A Case Study in Setting Boundaries (Webinar 17/5/18)


Site visits during the construction of a project can be an exciting time for consultants as they see their plans take shape. Unfortunately, however, problems can arise during the construction phase of projects and consultants working on projects of all sizes should be careful in the scoping and performance of their role during this phase. Inspections and in particular, certification is frequently presented by clients and their agents as simply a routine, form-filling exercise. Yet, when insolvent builders cannot be pursued for the consequences of their defective workmanship, attention often turns to these ‘pro-forma’ certificates signed by consultants as another avenue for recovery of losses sustained on these projects.

 In this recorded webinar, informed Risk Manager, Natalie Sullivan and Architect/Expert Witness, Peter Quigley, discuss how and when to draw your boundaries in relation to site visits, inspections and certification of projects. Learn practical steps which may help you reduce your liability exposure.

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