Insurance and Liability


Contract Administration

A concise consideration of the role of the contract administrator, including duty of care and scope of services, the interaction between the contract administrator, contractor and building contract, areas of exposure to professional indemnity insurance claims against the contact administrator, a case example and ends with a checklist of risk management considerations.  

Proportionate Liability

An overview explaining the concept of proportionate liability and a brief history of its implementation in various legislation enacted in each Australian state and territory. The presentation identifies the key elements, some important differences between states as well as noting some live issues in this area of the law.

PI Fundamentals

An overview of the fundamentals of professional indemnity insurance. This course considers the essential features of professional indemnity insurance, including what types of claims are commonly covered by a professional indemnity policy, some key insurance terms and the concept of ‘claims made and notified’ insurance.

Each topic within this course lasts for 20 minutes, making a total of one hour.

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